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Museum Replicas carries and sells variouse ancient Greek vases including Amphora, Krater, Hydria, Psykter, and more.An amphora (Greek: amphoreus) is a jar with two vertical handles used in antiquity for the storage and transportation of foodstuffs.Properties You see an amphora.It weighs 97.00 oz. Notes It looks the same as an Amphora of Grease and a Funeral Urn.

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Great iridescent oil spot design in the background and a band of blown-out floral designs aroun.Leading vase-painters decorated these prize amphorae, which were commissioned in large quantities by the state, and their work can often be differentiated by the motif they used to decorate the shield of Athena.

Offered for purchase is a beautiful enameled Amphora Austria Arts Crafts Campina Parrot Motif Vase The vase is in great condition.One of his vases was also the first known Attic vase exported to Etruria.


At the same time he was an early master of the Attic animal frieze style.

Pair of French Enamel Decorated Glass Mantel Vases, late 19th century, the amber glass amphora-form bodies with pale blue ruffle rim and three pincered feet, enamel decorated with stylized fans and More.

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Two of these companies were the Alexandra Works, founded by Ernst Wahliss, and The Amphora Porcelain Works, run by Reissner, Stellmacher, and Kessel.The Amphora porcelain works existed from 1892-1945 in the Teplitz-Turn area of Bohemia, part of Austro-Hungary, but since World War I in Trnovany in the Czech Republic.

Chinese celadon vase in form similar to an amphora, Song or Yuan Dynasty Collection of amphoras on Island of Vis, ancient Greek colony Issa, today Croatia A Greek glass amphora, 2nd half of the 2nd century BC, from Olbia, Roman-era Sardinia, now in the Altes Museum.Patinated and gilt cast metal mount with adjustable upswept arms.

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Held by an iron sconce this vase is perfect for holding a beautiful arrangement of fresh or synthetic flowers to make a home more stylish and comfortable without taking up any counter space.

But the name Amphora, which was stamped on many wares dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s, also refers to art pottery produced in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia during the Art Nouveau era.

Imperial Amphora - Austria Turn Teplitz - Woman with Oxen

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